1st – 30th  Oct

English Typing

Typing game (typing of the death)

1st – 15th  Nov

Limon Typing

Limon typing game

16th  30th Nov

Khmer Unicode Typing

Typing game, Typing in Notepad, Notepad++

1st – 30th Dec

Basic Typing in Microsoft Word

Preparing simple article in MS Word

1st – 30th Jan

Basic LibreOffice Writer

Khmer spell checker

1st – 29th Feb

2D and 3D designing & drawing

Drawing in Xara Design Pro and LibreOffice Draw

1st March – 06th April

Article with picture

Drawing images in Xara Design Pro, import to Microsoft Word + writer

Take a rest for the short summer vacation half a month

20th April – 30 May

Creating and using table in details

Word / Writer / Calc

1st – 30th June

Table in Excel / Calc /

Table calculation / sum, average, max, mix, ….

Comparison of Word / Writer to Excel/Calc

1st – 30 July

Basic PowerPoint / Impress

Slide presentation with animations

Take a rest for the long summer vacation one month