On Friday, June 04th, 2010 all the schoolchidren reviewed and practiced about the electricity (Previous Event). They all understood about the lesson and could practice well. All the students were divided into 4 groups among the 34 students, 14 females and 20 males. Each groups there are 6-8 students to join together with the group members.

Through the observation on that day, We noted that all groups were very active and they could introduce and help the each other with to practice the electricity. There was no problem while practicing because they were really careful and paid really hard attention both testing the electricity, connecting the socket to the plug, and connecting the lamp holder to the contact.


We will repeat this event two weeks a month. So it means that they won't forget something they have studied about the electricity.

Finally, we would like to thank you so much for the souvenir of Dr. Kawasaki (Previous Article) that he gave the Vogel children a golden chance to learn and to know about the special skills of eletricity. We do hope to have the great chance again to meet him and to learn something new more about the electricity from him.

Best wish