On February 25, 2011 the Ezra Vogel Special Skills School was very honorary that Dr. and Madame Kawasaki and other honorific guests spent their useful and golden time to visit.


From left to right: Mr. Yem Yeng, Mrs. Nuon Phaly, behind Mrs. Nuon Phaly is Mr. Sovann Heng, Madame Kawasaki and her friend, Mr. Rasy, and Dr. Kawasaki.

All the honorific guests arrived at 8 AM. The schoolchildren were in two lines opposite each other to welcome the guests with the happy face. When all the guests were walking between the two student lines, all the students were applauding until all guests came into the Science Class.

There are two groups of studying the Electricity with Dr Kawasaki:

  1. The first group started from 8:20-11:00 with the students in grade 5 & 6
  2. The second group started from 1:00-4:00 PM with the students in 4 

While conducting classes, we used the projector to show the lessons. With this projector the students could undersand Dr. Kawasaki's presetation easier.

The lessons  teaching in that  were about:

  1. Making Motor
  2. Part 1: Lighting LED on Bread Board
  3. Observe on Microscope
  4. Motor Assembly

All the students were very appreciated with this Science Class, especially for the morning class, they seem understood so far about what they have learnt from Dr. Kawasaki. And for the afternoon class, they seem also understood well too. According to our observation, there were many of the morning students, they really wanted to join the second class in the afternoon because they wanted to know and learn the new teaching from Dr. Kawasaki. But unfortunately the amount of the students were limited, there were only 30 students in each classes so they could not join with the second class in the afternoon. Even, we disagreed to allow them to join the second class as this, but they still stood outside the class from the window to peek what Dr. Kawasaki taught at that time. This showed about what they feel and interested in this Science Class.
Compare to the first class in the morning and second class in the afternoon, this first class was more active than the second class, because they could raise many questions to ask Dr. Kawasaki about what they have learnt. They said: When saw this electricity in the PowerPoin presentation, they thought it's difficult to make but when Dr. Kawasaki showed and led them to do, it's not difficult as they have thought because Dr. Kawasaki explained very clearly and slowly. They wish strong hopes next time to have such a great chance to learn some more of the new and bright ideas from Dr. Kawasaki.

On behalf of all schoolchildren and teachers (from Kawasaki-Rainbow-Primary school and Vogel-Primary-School), we would like to express our deep thank to all honored guests, especially Dr. Kawasaki and Madame Kayoko for getting around visiting and teaching us.

We do wish you good luck, healthy, and a long happiness.

This is the movie about the Science Class

Below is the photo album of the Science Class: