Hi! My name is Ratana Chhai, I am a schoolboy in grade 6. Today I am happy to be here on this short movie clip to share my experience on how and why my attitude and habit have been changed to be a good boy after entering the Vogel School.

To be honest, my father transferred me from a primary school in Strung Treng Province to Vogel School in Ratanakiri province because I was a rascal mischievous naughty child.

Please watch my moves on youtube then please also leave me some comment below.

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Group Leader

Panha Ruos


Panha Ruos


Neiiv Sek


If students' parents think that their children are weak, poor or naughty, most of them might consider to transfer their children to the Vogel School. Because they think that all teachers and school principal of the Ezra Vogel Special Skills School are very strict. Moreover the students can learn without paying any money, even though Khmer & Math extra class for weak or poor students.

They trust us, but this also give us a big challenge and pressure in educating those kind of students.

We are honor to grant their trust.

The case of a student named Ratana Chhai is a real fact and a good example.