This Thursday morning, January 31, 2013, under the leading of Banlung city governor, Mr. Li Vin, gave the advice to all the meeting before leaving
schools in Banlung, such as Samdech Ov Samdech Me high scool, Phumthmey, BouThong, and other high school,
secondary and primary schools to collect the rubbish along the side street around Banlung town. Within that four and five grade students of our school, The Ezra Vogel school, also participated in this activity.

The students with the plastic bags in their hands were walking and picking the rubbish up and put it into the bags and then they put it into rubbish bins  along the street

We noted that this activity always happen when there is any main festival in Cambodia held or on the international Labor day . But however we will often try to do this in a month as this is our duty to clean our country. By the way this is a good moral to students and other people to serve their society too.  

Nowadays we have seen that our country is much more beautiful than the last. This is because of our people, they now understand what is cleanness, how the good environment is important to them and this is also because of we have some organizations come and teach us how to live in clean

students to the direction students along the street students collecting rubbish students happy join in this activity

The tourist only like coming to the clean country, fresh air, no bad smell of bad rubbish

If we want more and more tourists to visit our country and income from tourism, we need to clean.

If we want a good health, we need to clean

So we all need to keep our country clean always!