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Coffee is a kind plant have many of northeast area in Cambodia.Every morning in my country all peoples like to drinks coffee, especially is the mature. Until they have the red land to plants it, becuase it need red land to grown up.

It can supplies as like drinks, for residue of it they can got it to make the fertilizer or oil. However they must still often plants forever. Planter majority is the ethnic minority, they plants by thier traditional different majority they like to plants on as plateau. Result of Coffee they only sell as produce in country of cheap price. Howsoever, just it has many merchants or tourists from neighbor country buys of thier coffee. Because they think it's a produce of natural and sell on cheap price which it delicious, too. If our country have evolution development, actually our ethnic minority must have been revolution educate to have easy of experience in field of story of agriculture coffee to export to sell in our country and big more we must export to foreign country, too.

Total Coffee is a plant often merchants like to plants not lost as, Rubber, Cashew, Teak...!

So, inside I'm a Khmer's person I must be hard study to help develop my country to add develop of agriculture as coffee plants, too. Coffe can to consider as a plants of interest, too.

Prepare and Writer by: Student Kum.Ratanak