When people move to another country, they not only face a different environment and language, but also different customs. Every culture has its own customs, and all of them are valuable. however, deciding how to deal with the problem of unfamiliar customs is a challenge for many immigrants. Some choose to follow the customs of their new country, while others prefer to adhere to their own customs. Each of these choices has some advantages as explained below.

When people choose to follow the customs of their adopted country, they may find that it helps them to adapt more quickly to the new society. They have something to discuss and share with their new neighbors, and sharing customs is one way for people to feel closer to one another. Thus, following the new customs may help immigrants feel more at home. It may also help them to see the positive things in their new environment and to forget their feelings of homesickness.

On the other hand, those who choose to continue following their on customs may also find that it helps them feel more at home. There are many things to adjust to in another country, and following their traditional customs may help people feel more secure in the new surroundings. More importantly, our customs are a part of us. They are an expression of the culture that has shaped us. This is something that most of us would like to pass down to our children and share with others. Sharing our old customs can also bring us closer to our new neighbors.

To sum up, our customs have value and are an important part of our culture. Therefore, I don’t believe that e should abandon our traditional customs when e move to another country. At the same time, I believe that e should learn about the customs of our new home and follow those that appeal to us. In this way, we can remember and celebrate our old culture while adapting to our new one.