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  • Yuhort Hang, Male, Grade 5
  • Soksophy Chong , Female, Grade 5
  • Rathsamphorh Pov, Male, Grade 5
  • Sophearith Phal, Male, Grade 5
  • Rachana Kha, Female, 5
  • And the Group of the Student, Vogel School

Group Leader

  • Rathsamphorh Pov, Male, Grade 5


  • Ma Sophanna (Computer Teacher)


  • Lang Penh, Male, Grade 6


 The sotory The Phum Damlong is about the people in one village have problem with their ears so they dont understnd to each other when they are talking.

And what they have is not recently but they got it since they were born. Please do not mind them

We took about half an hour to upload this movie to YouTube.