School of Miraizu members have organized a group named STEPS to support kids in the world.

STEPS2CW or STEPS is the project group where some voluntary members of School of Miraizu made in 2010. The variety of members, quite talented in different area, gathered to change the world a bit better.

It stands for "Sending TExt books Project for Schools TO(=2) Change the World."

In fact, STEPS2CW once tried to send text books to some countries, but abandoned because of the obstacles we encountered.

However, STEPS2CW soon started the new project, "Short Film Festival", which is the contest of short films taken by kids in some Asian countries. We expect them to think and act to make short films and participate in the society in the world.

The history of STEPS is originated in one of members activity (Mr. Harry), sending used computers to Cambodia, half decades ago. It's last as donation, getting so much supports from the School of Miraizu. The, voluntary group was made and organized the 1st short film festival with two Cambodian schools in 2010. STEPS will organize their film festival as a yearly event, jointly with the School of Miraizu's Christmas Event, hoping people in some other countries to find Japanese human mind and Japan's goodness. STEPS also hope to become "the bridges between Japn and the other countries" to make a difference in Japan and in the world."

STEPS hope to expand this activity worldwide in the near future.