In Cambodia greeting is important. Greeting is one of the codes thoroughly implemented in Cambodian culture. To greet each other, people place both palms together in a manner of praying and bow head. This style of greeting is called "Sampeah" in Khmer language.

When meeting someone. Cambodian people show this type of greeting "Sampeah" and say "Choum Reap Suo –means Hello", and when leaving someone after the meeting, they show the greeting "Sampeah" again and say "Choum Reap Lea – means Goodbye". Presenting "Sampeah" to someone mean respect, and it is considered impolite not to return Sampeah.

To greet people (Sampeah), there are 5 different practices:

  1. When we salute our friends who have the same ages, we place our both palms together at the chest level 
  2.  When we salute our bosses,  older persons, or higher ranking people,we place our both palms together at the mouth level
  3. When we salute our parents, grandparents or teachers, we place our both palms together at the nose level.
  4. When we salute the king, or monks, we place our both palms together at the eyebrows level
  5. When we pray to the God or sacred statues, we place our both palms together at the forehead level.

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  • Savuen Chea (Teacher), Female, Grade 6
  • Pouthradi Koun (Quentioner), Male, Grade 6
  • Pouthrida Koun ( Narrator), Female, Grade 6

Group Leader

Savuen Chea


Pouthradi Koun


Naiiv Sek


Recently, we saw TV spot show on "How to Sampeah correctly in Khmer Culture".