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  • Mao Sonita,Female Grade 6
  • Chhong Yen, Male, Grade 5
  • Horn Kimhak, Female, Grade 6
  • Chea Kheang, Male, Grade 6
  • Khem Sreimom, Female, Grade 6
  • Chon Pin, Male, Grade 5
  • Choum Pali, Female, Grade 5
  • Boún Than asay, Male, Grade 5
  • Yi Powrachna, Female, Grade 6

Group Leader

Mao Sonita (Student)


Chan Kong (English Teacher)

    Review Movie scrip

    Ly Piseth (Mr. Sovann's close friend)


Kan Sronglong (Student)


This story just want to remind and show about our tradition and culture of share in the past that nowadays almost disappear from Khmer sense, especially among school boys and girls. Moreover we want to tell the people to keep this culture, rich help poor and poor help poor.

Special thank to:

Mr. Harry

Family of Chuom Pali, minority family, allowed us to shoot at their house


We took almost a full night to upload this movie to YouTube.