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  • Chhai Makara, Male, Grade 5
  • Bun Chantha, Female, Grade 6
  • Kha Isa, Female, Grade 6
  • Yem Leang Heng, Male, Grade 5
  • Mok Phearak, Male, Grade 5
  • The Group of the Students, Vogel School
  • Group Leader

    Bun Chantha (Student)


    Chan Kong (English Teacher)

    Ma Sophanna (Computer Teacher)


      Than Prich (Student)


      This story is a message for all of the mothers who look after their children. They should take their spare time to follow them and contact to the teacher often, just like when a mother, Makara'mother come to school. She knows what her child done wrong and she felt unhappy. But then the teacher said to her that '' I’m very happy that you have come to realize what needs to be done, I just hope all the mothers should take some time to closely stay with their children and co-operation with the school.''


      We took almost half of day to upload this movie to YouTube.