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    • Bun Lina ( teacher), Female, Grade 6
    • Yak Kompheak ( poor student), Male, Grade 6
    • Lim Makara ( student), Male, Grade 6
    • Siem Sokha ( student), Female, Grade 4
    • Duong Soksamnang( student), Male, Grade 4
    • Sum Sivesoeng ( student), Male, Grade 6
    • Teum Nita(student), Female, Grade 4
    • The Group of the Student, Vogel School

Group Leader

 Bun Lina (Student)


Kong Chan ( English Teacher)


Taim Satath (Student)


This story is a message which we want to show about teacher's behavior that she wants the money without thought of student situation, especial poor students, just like in teacher's speech “ Because I needed money, I just gave students low grades, I shouldn't have done that, now I have no students left to teach, I'm such a disgrace to my fellow teachers, if all the teachers In the world behaved like I did, the students wouldn't stand a chance to have a good education”

We took about 3 hours to upload this movie to YouTube.