Please watch the movie on YouTube then please also leave us some comments below:


    • Leam Lyseng(Son),Male Grade 3
    • Sokli Chhoun E( Teacher), Female, Grade 6
    • Eun Theary (Mother), Female, Grade
    • Dean Veset (Father), Female, Grade 3
    • The Group of the Student, Vogel School

Group Leader

 Mok Pheareak (Student)


Ma Sophanna (Computer Teacher)


Chhear Da (Student)


This story just want to show about a school boy’s feeling that his parents are very busy with their business and they never spend time to encourage, teach at home and give him happiness.

We took about 3 hours to upload this movie to YouTube.

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# Guest 2016-01-29 12:53
Hi teachers and students of Ezra Vogel School. This is Nigrl of Steps. How are you doing. Your movie impressed me very much. You are right!!! It is very important to spend time with our son and daughter. Talk to your parents .Talk about your school, Talk about your friends. We will share this movie to our friends in Japan. Thank you for your wonderful one!!
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# Guest 2016-02-01 03:20
Dear Mr. Nigel and Group of STEPs,
We are very grad to hear you and we over here are fine.
This story happened because of being seen that most of parents are very busy with their business . Just like an actor in " My Son"he is a boy that his parent goes away and leaved him to stay with his grandparents, so he lacks of warmth in his living life.
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