PC Order



 PC-01 OK
PC-02 OK
PC-03 OK
PC-04 OK
PC-05 OK
PC-06 Motherboard is Broken We cannot use it now
 PC-07 OK
PC-08 OK
PC-09 OK
PC-10 OK
PC-11 Motherboard is Broken(16-may-2013) We changed a new Motherboard (27-may-2013)
PC-12 Motherboard is broken We cannot use is now
Modem Router Statue  Request/Note
TL-SG1024 OK (Switch 24port)
TD-W8901G Modem is broken(16-May-2013)  We cannot use is now
TD-W8951N OK  We've requested to buy a new ADSL2 Router Modem(27-may-2013)



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