pianoIn the morning of 19th July 2010, Mr. Yeng Yem, school principal brought us two big boxes. All the students were very curious, "What is it inside?" asked the students. "A piano" Mr. Yeng replied. The students were smiling and their faces showed that they do not believe that there was such a big piano.

Computer teacher named Sovann Heng with some students from grade 5 & 6 together spent about 2 hours to install the piano.

This piano distributed by Ratanakiri Provincial Department of Education Youth and Sport, which donated by BOOYOUNG CO., LTD. of Republic of Korea.

The students and teachers are very happy to receive the piano, but there isn't any music teacher in our school. Mr. Yeng told us that he might request to the Department of Education for a music teacher to teacher piano, but we don't have much hope, because it is not easy to find a a music teacher in Ratanakiri Province.