After two times broke in and stole computers and other equipments (laser printer, scanner, air browser, ADSL modem...) from our Ezra Vogel school in 21st Sept 2010 and 04stJune 2011, we completely lost confidence on the security of the school

We more or less disappointed Mrs. Nuon Phaly Founder and Executive Director of the Future Light Orphanage and our main donor Mr. Rick Dyck, but they both not only did not put any blame on us but also have been giving us an encouragement to fight for the future of the students and poor kids in Ratanakiri province.

Mr. Rick Dyck agreed with us to move the computer class from Vogel School to FLO Ratanakiri branch where is also near by the school. The former computer room became English room while the former English room was left space for 5 or 6 Khmer grade (Khmer grade 5 and 6 were in the same room).

On 6th July 2011, Mr. Phannarin Keo and Mr. Bora Chan, were representative of Mrs. Phaly, brought us 10 PC, this remind us of a Chinese proverb says "Offer fuel in snowy weather -- offer timely help or support ".


received_10-pc_in_group_at_flo_ratanakiri prepare_to_setup_10_pcs_01
sovann_prepare_to_setup_10_pcs prepare_to_setup_10_pcs_02

On Sunday 7th July 2011, FLO Ratanakiri kids start their first Khmer Unicode and Limon typing class, as well as testing the news bringing computers. On the same day Mr. Phannarin (teacher master of computer) shared his good and skillful teaching experiences with all of us.


Sooner or later Mr. Kimnich Uk, Admin Officer of Future Light Orphanage World-mate of Ratanakiri Branch, will arrange teaching program at night for FLO Ratanakiri Kids by making use of this new computer lab for both English and Computer.

Let us take this opportunity to express our deep thanks to Mr. Rick and Mrs. Phaly, of course never enough by just saying thanks for their supporting and trusting us, gave us another change to work in their charity project as well as a project of hope to provide special skills to the students and kids in Ratanakiri Province.

Wish Mr. Rick, Mrs. Phaly and other donors all the best,