The water festival is one of the most cheerful in Cambodia culture. This festival is celebrated annually for three days on the banks of the Tonlesap River in front of the Royal Palace. Last year I Went to Phnom Penh to visit the water festival. When we reached the city. It was really exciting because there were a lot of people commuting along the streets. We stayed in my aunt's house near Phsar Thmei. so it was easy to walk to the river bank. On the first day afternoon. We walked with my relatives to the parks in front of the Royal palace. It was really happy to see every thing there . and there were a lot of people watching boat. Racing and walking around. on the river. We could see a lot of high speed from the north to the south. At night it was really wonderful to watch firework display and a lot of concerts were a lot organized at various companies. It was really marvelous to visit the water festival last year.