movie centest giftOn Friday, March 16, 2012 we rewarded the gift to the actors and actress for taking the movie to join the Festival Contest with the school of Miraizu in Japan. In that competition we sellected two movies from Vogel School and two movies from Rainbow school.

The movies from Vogel school are

  1. H5N1
  2. Life of a minority students Tola Boun

The movies from Rainbow School are

  1. Good habit of Tumpuon Child
  2. A good Tumpuon minority student.

The top movie in the festival contest is H5N1, the movie that guide us to know how to protect from virus H5N1. It's a very serious spread virus and it can kills many people rapidly.

the actors actress receive giftThe actors and actress who got the gift are Sếk Sấmnang, Múng Chếngvếng, Chhat Virăh'bot, Khăm Sèíha, Khén Kiribóbta. In each actors and actress received 3 books and two pens. We use the money as a gift from the festival contest to buy one computer because we still need more computer for students to study. All the students are very happy to use this new computer.

Finally, we would like to express our true thank to Mr. Harry who corporated very warmly with us to event the project for the festival contest with the school of Miraizu in Japan.