First day of Registration in new academic year, 2008-2009 at Ezra Vogel Special skills School.


Ezra Vogel Special Skills School allows every student to register from 15th-30th September ,2009. Children around five years old are able to register for Kindergarten,1st grade for six years old students and over six for every grade possible.the students have already registered at other schools are not allowed to register again,but they are permitted to transfer. For transferability,they also have certificate where they studied to confirm with their personal backgrounds.the students who come for registration are free of charge.they are able to register including family record or birth certificate with school principal whom waits for students' parents or gardians at his office every working hour . For the first day of school which starts from 1st October,2009.all students must gather together by wearing school's uniform.

For more,there will be some photos relating to new academic year's activity at Ezra Vogel Special Skills School including registration and first school day's activities.the reason why students'parents bring their children to start school at Ezra Vogel Special Skills School they find that this school is special if comparing with other schools because this school can give many courses to students at the same time such as Khmer,English and Computer Languages,Moreover they will have chance to complete with their classmates to get high grade.students' parents are needless to be worried about paying money for their children to study these languages at part time.


Finally, on behalf of us ,teachers and students at evsss would like to express gratefulness to many donors,especially Mr.Rick Dyck and Mr.and Mrs Kavasaky who contribute both budget and materials for our school. Eventhough,you all are not Cambodian,but you keep giving sympathy and love to Cambodian People.


Please forgive me all mistakes where I made. Thank you for spending time worthily reading my report.

Best regards

Sei Veasna and Thy Kunthea