A city is very noisy; yet most people like to live in it. There are indeed many things to see and enjoy in a city.

The streets in a city are full of peoples and vehicle. Cars, buses and other vehicles can be deen running up and down the streets throughout the day. All these make a city very noisy and busy. Sometimes all kind of accidents, occur and some people die as a result.

In a city , there are also many schools and hospital. So, the people here find it very easy to send their children to school and to visit the hospital quickly when necessary.

At night a city is ful of colorful lights. They make the city beautiful. Some parts of the very crowded at this time, especialy where the eating stalls or the cinema are.

Many people also attend school at night to improve themselve. Today there are night schools in almost every city.

For all these reasons, living in a city could be very exciting indeed.