On June 9,2009 Group A took the computer examination on HTML language (How to create table with rowspan and colspan). All student papers were scored by Mr. Sei Veasna,a volunteer teacher.
We selected three students to receive gift from TCS Japan.The first 3 high score students received a T-Shirt:

  1. Koun Pouthradi (95)
  2. Koun Pouthrida (90)
  3. Heng Marina (80)
  4. Other students

Koun Pouthradi(Left) | Koun Pouthrida(Center) | Heng Marian(Right)

2 days after the exam day, Mr. Heng Sovann, computer teacher, asked a Krúng minority student, named Ngem Chaklem, to solve the exam on whiteboard and he was well done. The teacher decided to give him an encourage gift -- a red T-shirt.

The T-shirt seems a little bit smaller than his body size, thus he told us that he'll give it to his younger brother.

Here we would like to say thank to Mr. Rick Dyck, all staffs of TCS Japan, Mrs. Nuon Phaly for bringing us so many gifts.
Other students who haven't received gifts yet, please do not disappoint and make more efforts!!
Mr. Heng Sovann

Computer Teacher