From 08th to 14th September, 2011 we conducted the Joomla Training Course in FLO (FUTURE LIGHT ORPHANAGE) for one week which proposed by Mr. Sovann Heng(Joomla trainer) and corporated with the Khmer Joomla Group in Phnom Penh. During this training we got the warm welcome from Mrs. Nuon Phaly (Executive Director in FLO).

On the first day of the training, we had very great honor that Mrs. Nuon Phaly presented to occur the training. She was very interested in and satisfied with this training. Then Mr. Heng Sovann (Joomla Trainer) and Mr. Ly Sithykun (from Khmer Joomla Group) introduced something about Joomla. Mr. Sithykun also shared his knowledge and experience that he had to assist the Khmer Joomla for many years ago.

phoca_thumb_l_joomla_training 3 phoca_thumb_l_joomla_training Mr_sithykun_introducing

After introducing about Joomla by Mr. Heng Sovann and Mr. Ly Sithykun, there were many questions had raised from the trainees because Joomla was very new for them so they really want to know and learn about this Joomla.

The third day of the training, we had three volunteers from Khmer Joomla Group (Mr. Sou Sovichea, Mr. Tong Sovann and Mr. Lonh Samdy ) to teach and share their knowledge about Joomla to the trainees.

During seven days of Joomla Training, all the trainees they could understand well about this course by developing their good first-step-website. This result because in FLO there are many good teachers to adise and educate them to get the high education. Like the word said: "Good parents good children".

When finished the the course, all FLO trainees will become the persons that can teach and share what they have learnt from the One Week Joomla Training Course to the other FLO children who want to know and learn about Joomla.



Yesterday (Thursday, September 14, 2011) from 10 AM to 11 AM  we celebrated the Joomla Training Graduation Ceremory. During this ceremony the kid named Morn Saron represented of the trainees to show his interest and thanks for this One Week Joomla training. He said, he and all the trainees are very interested in this training so much and he hope to have such a chance to join in the next training  again.

Mr. Sovann Heng also presented to give his advice to all FLO trainees about the valuable of this training and commented them to use what they have learnt to teach and share the other FLO kids. Mr. Sovann Heng showed his deep thank to Mrs. Nuon Phaly and other staffs to support this Joomla training in FLO.

In this special occasion Mrs. Nuon Phaly also gave her advice to all FLO trainees and kids to know the importance of studying, especially with the Joomla training. She really satisfied with this training so much.

At the end of Joomla Training Graduation Ceremony Mrs. Nuon Phaly, Mr. Hem Sien, Mr. Heng Sovann, and Mr. Lonh Samdy gave the certificate to all trainees and toke the souvenior photos. One more thing for the outstanding trainee and poor trainee also got the gift as a nice eletrical light (FLO Vogel Joomla Light) from Mr. Heng Sovann.

Here are some comments from the trainees: comment_from_trainees.pdf


 Finally, we would like to express our deep thank to Mr. Rick Dyck who donor and support this training, Mrs. Nuon Phaly who gave us the chance to conduct the Joomla Training in FLO and prepared us with the delicious lunch and snack. And all FLO staffs and kids to join in the training.