visit main donorWe all in Vogel School were very pleased that Mr. Rick Dyck, Mr. and Mrs. Kawasaki spent their valued time to visit our school. All the children are very excited and stayed in two lines in front of school to welcome our main donors. Three students are handing the beautiful bunched of flowers to each donors. During the visit, our donors also came into each class to chat with the children and teachers. They seem very satisfied with the children’s learning, especially Mr. Rick Dyck (the main donor in our school) was very interested in the group of students in grade 6 because most of them, they could show him how to measure the length from one place to other place like the distance from Ratanakiri to Vietnamese border, Phnom Penh, and Laos border.

According to the request of the school principal, Mr. Yem Yeng, he asked for one additional toilet from our main donor because recently we have only two toilets, one is usued for students and another one is usued for teachers. These two toilet couldn't fulfill enough demand used of the children so Mr. Rick Dyck our main donor approved with us to build one more toilet.

After chatting with the students in each class, our honored guests distributed the book and pen to the students.

teaching student    showing place on map    contributing gift

Finally, we all teachers and students in Vogel School would like to express our deep thank to our main donors for spending your valued time to visit our school. You brought the very nice books and pens to distributed to our children and also approved to build one additional toilet for our students. We will keep good care of this nice toilet as well.