On 29th March 2010, Schoolboys-girls of the Ezra Vogel Special Skills School, they celebrated the school party for their short vacation. They were happy to eat the food with the coke and dancing with their friends.

Schoolboys_girls_were_eating__the_food_1 Schooboys_girls_were_dancing


Almost schools in Cambodia allowed students to take the rest for the short vacation (15 days) to celebrate the Khmer New Year. This is one of the popular ceremony in our country. Therefore, Vogel  School is a sample of all the schools in Cambodia to celebrate a small party with the whole students and teachers before they take the short vacation. By the way, yesterday all the students were seem very please with their friends, some of them took the cookers and some of them took the cook equipments. Especially their teachers helped and guided them of the way how to cook food. So this party was very useful for them to learn how to cook. The party started in the morning and finished at 2 o'clock in the afternoon.
Schoolboys_girls_were_eating_the_food_2 Schoolboys_girls_were_dancing_1