On 14th January 2013 in FLO, Phnom Penh Capital, held the thought faculty ceremony in the memory of Photo1Mummy Phaly who died for 49 days period. This event was held by the dead relatives and all FLO working staffs and lasted for 2 days was on Monday 14th to Tuesday 15th January 2013.

This ceremony was held to dedicate to the Mummy Phaly’ though faculty which also held by Cambodian people with the belief of that after the dead people, if we, alive people, want to repay anything to the dead people that is only one way to do that is to held this ceremony or even bring the materials to dedicate through the monks.

Due to this reason, FLO held this ceremony to devote the thought faculty of Phaly who died within 49 days period.


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In this event, there were well decorated, arranged, and prepared followed the practical Buddhist manner and also taken place from the honor guests from everywhere.