On March 26, March 2013 at Vogel School, with good cooperation and collaboration with CHA DAI COALITION, conducted one day training on The Convention on Children’s Right.

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Attended by the school directors, teachers who teach at Vogel School and as well as participated by Mr. Mey Navy (Church and Community Prevention Training Project Manager).

Training aims at inspiring and stimulating the children to understand on their rights, changing the appearances (physical, emotional, intellectual, moral and social characteristics) and children’s needs.

More importantly, the training emphasizes on the four basic rights of “the convention on Children’s Right” as follow:

1-     Right to survive

All children have right to survive, right to have sufficient food, right to be well cared and also pay much attention from society.

2-     Right for Development

Every children have right to be appropriate educated both informal and formal education, high standard of living and development on ( mentality, emotion, morality and society)

3-     Right to be protected

Every children have right to be protected from dangers such as all aspect of exploitation, discrimination, and paying attention on the children in special needs and children who need immediate needs.

4-     Right to participate in the social activity

Every children have right to participate in the media, expressing their idea, opinion and also join in the social activity.