They_nearly_to_finish_thier_achievement They_are_digging They_are_digging_with_thier_group_members

On Thursday 28th, January 2010, the school principal leaded the students to dig many square holes to grow mango trees, the students are divided in six groups, each group has ten members who are responsible for their school work by having a person to be the group leader. if someone is absent, the group leader will take action to punish the absentee(no score for absentee).through applying of each group, the result has shown that what they tried their best to do is not good for nothing and get succesful .

They_activity_of_hole_burning_1 The_activity_of_hole_burning The_hole_burning_was_finished


The activities of growing is not reaching yet, because we have to burn the rubbishes .why  ?
-To appease the desease
-To make soil effective
-To become the ash to support the growth

The habbit of growing was always done since the past time which each generation usually behaved.The importance of growing:
-To make the shadow in our school background
-To make the environment fresh and interesting
-To urge the children to understand the usefulness and value of growing
-To urge the growth to increase
-To make the soil have humidity
-To expect that the growth will provide production back some day in the future

Finally, we all have nothing to say more ,beside expressing our gratefulness to Mr.Rick Dyck ,Mr and Mrs Kawasaki and other donors in building and supporting warmly for our school.

thanks! any suggestion please..........