Learning and Practicing the electricity of the Ezra Vogel Schoolboys-girls


On Monday and Tuesday, May 17th-18th, 2010 all students at the Ezra Vogel Special Skills School had special opporntunity to learn some electrics from their teachers that was the sample of Dr. Kawasaki (Visiting) , that he spent his valuable time to visit and teach the children about the electric last two weeked.

This event pushed us to follow the electric study, so now the electric today is talking about how to Assemble a board with volmeter. At first the teacher introduced about some components suche as

Volmeter Volmeter
Lamp Holder Lamp_holder
Board Board
Socket Socket
Circuit Tester Circuit_tester

Diagonal Cutting plier

Pineman's plier Linemans_plier
Wire Wire
Screw Screw
Plug Plug
Lamp Lamp

All the equipments were used to test while teaching the electricity.

On the first day (Monday, May 17th, 2010) the lesson started with how to connect the socket or (two pin socket) and lamp holder.


* Socket Connection : We used the socket and wire with the plug to connect the electricity. After the teacher had already introduced, all the students had to practice together in groups. We noticed that one group was very clever, they could do well and they knew well too how to test their acheivment and used the Circuit Tester to test the electricity flow or not.

* Lamp holder connection: We used lamp holder and wire with the plug to connect the electricity. For this equipments the students had freely opportunity to practice together after they have got the introduced from their teacher.

In that day (Monday, May 17th, 2010) all the students really actived, it seem that they could use and did well and if we compared in percentage, 90% - 95% of the students understood.

The second day (Tuesday, May 18th, 2010) the lesson started with how to use and connect the Contact and Volmeter. During that time too, our child named Virak broke the volmeter while he was testing with the lamp so this was very good sample for the other to be always careful when testing the volmeter.


* Contact connection: The students knew how to connect the contact from the lamp holder to the plug and when we had already finished, we used the circuit tester to test which one refer to power and mass before we started to connect with the electricity.


Here is the result of the electric study. All the students seem very please with their acheivment. Thses events happened because of the honored guest who visited our school very often and he kindly to taught the schoolboys-girls about the electricity for many times. This lesson we will teach and let the schoolchildren practice every Friday because we want them to remember all the lesson about the electricity.

Finally, on behalf of staffs and shoolchildren (from Kawasaki - Rainbow school and Vogel School) would like to express deeply to all the great donors who always support and takes care of our children.

Reported by Vogel staff

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