All the students at the Ezra Vogel Special Skills School, they had 22 days during this month for their short vacation and also took the time to join the Khmer New Year too. Khmer New Year is once of the Cambodia Traditional Celebrations which people usually do in April every year. Today all the students, they just came back to their school to meet their friends and clean their school too.

  • After the Khmer New Year all the students were really please with this celebration and they said:

Naiiv Sek

I am very happy to join the Khmer New Year for these three days. Especially in the second day, I and my family had a good time to go for awalk together.

Saveun Chea

During the Khmer New Year Celebration for three days, the first day I visited Yake Loam Lake, the second day I visted Oyadav District, and the third day in the evening I went together with my family to eat something at Konseng Lake (Lake side). It's my happest day that I've ever had.

Sophealen Seng

In the first day, I and my family prepared food, drink, and some flowers to the pagoda to offer the monk to dedicate this food to my ancestors. In the second day, I still went to the pagoda to play the traditionaly game such as: Chol Chhoung, Bos Angkunh, Leak Kanseng, and so on. It's my really happy day.

Siha Khem

For me, Khmer New Year is the most happest celebration, I went to Yake Loam and Kirimokut Resort in the first and sencond day with my familly. Especially in the third day, I just did the fishing very happily.

  • All something they have said above mean that Khmer New Year is completely happy for all the Cambodian people. They are happy both themselve and with their family.

Bellow are the photos of the students were coming back to school:

students_are_coming_back_school 1 students_are_coming_back_school 2
students_are_coming_back_school 3 students_are_coming_back_school 4