The well behind our school was dug during the school construction had been being built. The water from this well was very importantthe water comes out 1 because it was used to built the school and others, like for cleaning the floor, watering the small trees, vegetable etc.

But, seeing that this well is too dry to use in dry season, so on 21st of May, 2013 the school principal , the teachers as well as the other generous helping, the students’ parents, especially our donor, Mr. Rick, decided to restore it.

On Friday morning June 7th, 2013 the diggers came at our school. They worked on restoring from the morning until the afternoon. First they have some difficulty with digging because the ground is  too hard, but they used water to wet the ground. They dug and lift the ground up with the tank for many times. That day late afternoon the water in the well comes out.


Please have a look our children! They are very happy when they can use the water from this well again.

they are draining out the well 1they are draining out the well 2the water comes out 3 the well slosed by its cover