The students at the Ezra Vogel Special Skills School practiced and reviewed the electricity which taught by Dr. Kawasaki last year. Today they were learning of how to make the current flow by using the Board, Voltmeter, Socket, Lamp holder, Lamp, and Breaker.

The process of the current flow ran from the wire to the Breaker and continued to the Voltmeter which is one of the measurements that can help us to know about the energy we are using. Mostly the energy we are using nowadays is about 210v, 220v, 225v or 230v. According to the measure in the voltmeter during testing today showed 225V. It means that we are using the higher level of the energy. After voltmeter the current will run to the socket, so one question will be asked: ‘Why do we use the socket?’ Because it can help us to connect the energy from the current board to the other connections. Thus for this current board, we also use the switch in order to turn on and turn off the light.

All the students seem very happy to see what they have done with their achievement.

Therefore we have never forgotten the Science Class which taught by Dr. Kawasaki to our students several times ago and we would like to thank you very much to Dr. Kawasaki that he used and spent his valuable time to our country and brought his great idea about the electricity to open the Science Class in FLO, Vogel School, and Rainbow School.

Below is the photo album souvenir of Electricity reviewed and practiced: