The School Principal and Students are planting the trees

Students_are_looking_at_their_teacher The_students_are_looking_at_their_square They_are_sticking_up_the_wood_around_the_hole

On Thursday, February 04, 2010 all the students and the school principal were deciding to take the mango tree, the avocado tree, Ranbutan tree and Durian tree to plant surrounding school. As we know Cambodia is an agricultural country most of the people they are farmers and they usually do the farm to adopt their family condition. So the Vogel School is also a sample of other schools in Ratanakiri province to push the agriculture to be progressive.

The below picture are activities while the school principle and schoolchildren were planting the trees.

Thye_are_happy_to_plant_the_trees They_are_controlling_their_hole The_Schoo_Principle_is_helping_his_students

Remember that before we plant the tree we need to decorate the square to be ready. The square holes was dug two weeks ago. After digging we need to burn the square hole to make more fertilized soils. Below are the squares which the schoolchildren dug last two weeks and start to plant today.

Hole_distance The_holes_are_in_line Picture_of_the_square_for_planting_trees

The School Principal guided and introduced his students about the process to plant the threes. He is really specialist about agriculture. Below pics are the activities while they were looking at their school principal decorating the square hole, moreover in the middle pic showed about the school principal was putting the anti-termite to protect termite.

The_students_are_looking_at_their_teacher_decorating_the_hole The_school_principal_is_putting_anti_termite Student_named_Phanha_is_decorating_his_hole

Therefore they need to watering into the square holes to make the ground safe for planting the trees. Below pics are the activities of the students who trying to get the water from the well to watering the square holes:

The_students_are_watering_the_hole Students_are_taking_water_from_the_well They_need_to_take_the_water_from_the_well

After they have already watering into the square hole they need to take something like gravels and the rubies that are not fertilized soil. Below are pics of the activities while they were taking something from the square hole:

Students_are_taking_something_from_the_hole They_are_helping_each_other_to_take_someting_from_the_hole Students_are_taking_sometiong_from_the_hole_before_planting

At the same time of planting the trees, some of the students they went to cut the small woods to stick up around the square hole to protest from the animals. Below are pics of the activities while they were cutting the small woods to protect their trees.

They_are_cutting_the_woods They_collect_the_small_wood_to_protect_their_trees They_are_finding_the_woods

Here are the activities while they were together planting the trees. The school principal is responsible to control and lead the students to plant the trees and tell them how to protect the tree as good. At that time too the students seem understand well and they can plant by themselves.

The_students_who_planting_the_tree The_school_pricipal_is_showing_the_students_to_plant_tree The_school_principal_is_telling_students_to_plant_the_tree

These are the achievements of the school principal and schoolchildren, they tried very hard since last two weeks till today. Below are the activities and photos of the trees which they have already planted.

They_are_decorating_their_frame Rambutan_tree Avacado_tree
Mango_tree Durian_tree
We are very appreciated with the achievement of the schoolchildren. They try very hard and now we can see their best.