In Cambodia the teachers need to regester the new students from September 15th to 30th,  and then in October 1st all the old and new students and teachers come for reopening of classes together for their new academic year begins. And in the Ezra Vogel primary school also celebrate this reopening of classes, too. In that day, there are many new and old students they gether together with beautiful school uniform in the Vogel school area. Some students come themself and others they come with their parents. They look so happy becouse today they meet their old and new friends especially, when they hear school bell ringing, they run to make a line surround flagpole with beautiful smiling. And all teachers of Vogel school are very please because they see many students like this.

Students registration The students are meeting suround flagpole Students parents  

 Finally, we hope that all the students will be study hard together.