Dear Davin

Many thanks for your letter. it was me to hear from you at last. (I was beginning to think you’d emigrated!) About the summer yes of course I'd love to join you and your parents. It sounds really fun. I visit there once and it was a really nice place-lot of things to do and so on- especially in the summer (Lost of pretty foreign students tool So thank your parents for me and tell them I'm really looking forward to it.

I asked my Mum and Dad about the holiday brochures and they say they haven't received them yet. (Well, you know what the post I like) but they'll write as soon as they get them, and they asked me to tell you to thank your dad for all the trouble he's gone to.

By the way, Davin, Dad’s very jealous of the new Honda. He’s always like foreign cars- especially Hondas and keeps hinting to Mum about new car. But she’s not interested,really,so I don’t think he does persuade her. Well, Davin, I’ll stop now because I’m off to a cinema with Kagna. You remember Kagna, don’t you? She was the girl I met at Phally birthday party. We’ve been together now for almost three month.(not bed for me!). What about you? Are you still going out with Davy or have you got someone new now?

Mum and Dad

Lots of Love