To get more and more attractive among the students and a chance for them to practice their English; so we always ask or invite some volunteers who are having their holiday or the mission in Ratanakiry, to come to our school every year.

But for the beginning of the year, 2013 we just had two English females, Carmen and Blue, as volunteers at our school too. Once they arrived in Banlung on 25th March,2013 for s short vacation, they searched for a short term work through some website in Ratanakiri; they found our school and they asked for work as teaching English to the children. So our project manager, Mr. Sovann, decided to help them; We just help what we could.

On the day work they spent full day with us, morning and afternoon. They taught our children, the lesson they planed or what they remembered from their school. They taught many things, such as pronunciation, English song or games alike. But we just picked up some points that we think it is more important things to us.

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1-    Pronunciation though flash cards:

The teacher held the cards in their hands and showed the students the card one by one. The students said them in English if they could. If the student couldn’t pronounce it clearly, they help. They did it again and again three or four times. After that they asked two students, as volunteers come before the class to say ‘’what’s this?” and the rest told the word.

2-    Songs:

They taught the students a few short songs, such as ‘’ Twinkle, twinkle little star” or ‘’Baa, baa a black sheep” alike.

First they wrote the whole song on the board and let the students copy down at the same time. Then they pronounced the difficult word with its meaning word by word. When they knew that the students could sing it, they did it in the whole class or in a group. They did it until they could sing it by themselves.

3-    Game:

In the break time, they wished to know Cambodian game which popular among the children. 

4-    Movie youtube:

Here below we have a movie youbube which related to our activities with Mr. Carmen an Blue.

Please kindly watch it !