Jesus Christ was born in December 25, so one ceremony was celebrated to remind his birth every year , called Christmas day.

During this day, the teachers and the students at The Ezra Vogel school also participated to join themselves in this celebration every year.
We wish you a merry Christmas, a happy new year and other song was sung by the students of Vogel school to bless to the people in the whole world.

The snack and drinks was prepared for participants after the games finished. They all joined themselves happily.


The popular game we played in this time such as:

1- Run in the rice bag

The competitors need to put their legs into the bag and then we give them the signal to run one round. If someone could reach to the goal first, he will win the game


2- Breaking balloons game

It is a kind of games which popular among the children very much. It is played during a happy new year or in any other events. Two partner use their buttock to break the balloon between them. If any parter could break first , then they will win. And the end of the party we also had a gift exchanged for them. By the way it show that they are kind to each other.


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