Jesus Christ was born in December 25, so one ceremony was celebrated to remind his birth every year , called Christmas day.
During this day, the teachers and the students at The Ezra Vogel school also participated to join themselves in this celebration every year.
We wish you a merry Christmas, a happy new year and other song was sung by the students of Vogel school to bless to the people in the whole world.

The Ezra Vogel Special Skills school is one school in Ratanakiri province that teaches the students the skills. We have taught the students some skills such as, lightly electronic repairing or producing, English, computer, painting etc.
Picture is a subject which the students enjoy very much. We let the student to paint both on the computer and paper for yearly competition.


The popular game we played in this time such as:

 1- Breaking the mud jar

How to play this game, first a scarf was covered on the participant’s face. She needed to walk toward three steps to the jar above her after her body rounded three times by someone.
In the jar they could put in perfume powder, candy or anything else that might make the children happy. If she could break that jar successfully, she would get the prize.


2- Run in the rice bag

The competitors need to put their legs into the bag and then we give them the signal to run one round. If someone could reach to the goal first, he will win the game


The snack and drinks was prepared for participants after the games finished. They all joined themselves happily.

God teaches his followers to act in a good way, He also likes happiness. Every weekend he let the people sing, dance and learn Bible after they free from the work because this make us a long life too.

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