Christmas day is a day which Jesus born. As he is a great and holy man in the world,

so the people around this glob celebrate this tradition and they still keep doing it until the present day.

On 25 December 2015, Vogel school also celebrated Christmas day

. And what special for this year we have former students of our school, Vogel school,

joined us with their gifts for the teachers and kids

1- Group of former students of Vogel school

Today because of they miss the teachers and  the school where used to give them the basic knowledge, so they joined us with their gifts for the kids too.

By this chance we just know that most of them are students continueing study at the university and one got a scholarship in Thailand to be a doctor.


2- Changing gifts of students

Giving or Changing gifts is tradition of sharing that the people on this word doing, especailly to the poor.


3-Breaking eathen pots

How to play this game, first a scarf was covered on the participant’s face. She needs to walk toward three steps to the jar above her after her body rounded three times by someone.
In the jar they could put in perfume powder, candy or anything else that might make the children happy. If she could break that jar successfully, she would get the prize.


 4-Pumping the water to fill in a bottle


4-Run racing of three 


Finally we all the teachers and children wish you A Merry Christmas!