On May 8th 2010, a group of honored guest came to visit ours school.

2010-05-08-Vogel Guests

From left to right : Mr. Sovann Heng, Mr. Masaomic KANAMORI, H.E Katsuhiro SHINOHARA, Mr. Yeng Yem, Dr. KAWASAKI, Madam Yayoko, Miss Phallin Chea, Dr. Monyrath Vuthy, and Mr. Kunthea Thy

  • Dr. Kawasaki and his wife - Madam Kayoko (Japanese)
  • H.E Katsuhiro SHINOHARA, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Japan to Cambodia.
  • Mr. Masaomic KANAMORI - a friend of Ambassador SHINOHARA
  • Miss Phallin Chea
  • Dr. Monyrath Vuthy

All guests arrived the school at 8:00 AM. Students were line up in two long lines with Cambodia and Japan Flags in their hands. Ours six schoolgirls gave each guest a flower bunch to express a warm welcome.

We had prepare some banners as follow:

  • Welcome to the Ambassador SHINOHARA
  • Welcome to Dr. Kawasaki and Madam Kayoko
  • We all love you.
  • We all happy to study Khmer English and Computer.

Welcome_to_Dr._Kawasaki_and_Madam_Kayoko Welcome_to_the_Ambassador__SHINOHARA

When all guests walking between the two student lines, some students were applauding and some other waving the flags. Dr. Kawasaki provided our students two classes of electricity lesson with experiment and all students was divided into 5 groups.

  • Morning Class 8:20 AM to 11:00 AM grade 4-5 (44 students)
  • Evening Class 2:00 PM to 04:00 PM grade 5-6 (35 students)

Students were very interested in Dr. Kawasaki's teaching. "If you can understand electricity, you can be engineer, and you will have a bright future" Dr. KAWASAKI said.

Dr. Kawasaki showing How to Listen and Watch Audio Signal

This teaching was helped and translated by English teacher named Thunthea Thy, Dr. Kawasaki was very satisfied with his active and flexible translation.

how_to_measure_voltage School_Principal_Observing

After finishing each class.

  • For the morning class a schoolgirl from grade 4 named Chantrea Chen
  • For the evening class a schoolboy from grade 6 named Panha Ruos and a schoolgirl from grade 5 named Savuen Chea

Came to express their keep thanka to Dr. Kawasaki for spending his valuable time to teach them.

While conducting classes we used the projector which Mr. Rick Dyck just bought for our schools. With this projector students were able to understand Dr. Kawasaki's presentation more easier.


At 4:20 PM, all students stand in grade-line in 7 lines to receive a note book of 100, 120 or 160 pages plus a nice ballpoint pen from Dr. Kawasaki as a present.

Mr.Kawasaki_give_book_pen_to_vogel_student get_one_notebook_and_one_pen

Mr. Kawasaki give a good advice to all the students "If you study hard, you will have a bright future".

Dr. Kawasaki disclosed that he might come to visit us again this year in November or December.

On behalf of all students and teachers (from Kawasaki - Rainbow school and Vogel School), we would like to say thank to all honored guests, especially Dr. Kawasaki and Madame Kayoko for getting around visiting and teaching us.

We wish you all good luck, good health. May all your wishes come true, everything goes well.