On March 5, 2019 the donors of both school, Dr. and Mrs. Kawasaki, Mr. Rick, Mr. Sato-san arrived in Banlung to visit the students at Vogel school. After greeting by the teachers and Students, they went into each class to see how of the students’ studying. 

But early in the morng of 5 Dr. Kawasaki also share a knowladge of how to make motor to the students. We all worked so hard on how to install the motor but however some of the students could do it better. Japan is one of famous country for electronic that a poor country like Cambodia should learn from what we should have today. At the end of this event we were so happy with this event. 

The same day in the after they also brought some books and pens for the students and we had cheerful time together.

More than that, in the special evening we also  had dinner together at Mr. Sovann's house and talk something fun through nice atmosphere.


Finally he asked about the children study and let them study hard to get success in their life.