Since Friday, March 04, 2011 we have opened the training about joomla to the students in grade 5 & 6. This training is led and taught by Mr. Sovann Heng. As a result now the students, they could intall Joomla in each and now they are in the process of learning more about some components of Joomla. The training is started every Friday.

The training last day was about:

  1.  The definition of making website by decorated the content.
  2. Get to know about Joomla version with (Alpha  Beta  RC and Stable)
  3. Joomla installation
  4. Get to understand about Joomla Editor of (Editor - JCE & Editor - TiniMCE)
  5. How to find and check the module position by using (?tp=1)

Bellow are the photos of training activities