1st – 30th  Oct

Flash animation with SwishMax 4.0

Create SWF file with ease, basic cartoon, website banner

1st – 30th  Nov

Internet + Email + Search

Searching document, Reading news, Email (create, send, receive, attach file, strong password), Anti-virus

1st – 30 Dec

Google map + Google mapmaker

Finding places, directions, adding locations, drawing roads, river, pagoda, schools, …

1st – 30th  Jan

Basic HTML

HTML coding with Notepad ++ and Aptana Stuio

1st – 29th Feb

Basic CSS with HTML

Adding style to HTML code

1st – 30th March

Basic computer hardware and software installation

How computer work, Function of Mother board, Ram, CPU, Hard Disk, Power supply, …

Set up LibreOffice of Khmer Unicode and Window installation, …

Take a rest for the short summer vacation half a month

20th – 30th May

Advance CSS

Control website layout by CSS

1st – 30th  June

Joomla installation + Wampserver

How to install and use Joomla, Wampserver configuration for Joomla

1st – 30th  July

Design website with Joomla

How to use component, module, plugin, template, language, editor (JCE, JCK), Upload localhost to live site, …

1st – 15th  Aug

Joomla template customization

Customize CSS for unique template

16th – 30 Aug

Lixique Pro

Create and share dictionary

Take a rest for the long summer vacation one month