In the morning of Sunday, April 28, 2013.

Mr. Noun Sothero, manager of Flo, his wife and work staff at Phnom Penh. came FLO at Ratanakiri province to
 participate in the ceremony for new school construction opening for children orphanage .He also organized this ceremony follow the Buddhist way. He asked monks, old people to join and pray with us. At that time, we prayed all something happening in that time to our Mom Phaly (the former Founder and Executive Director of Flo), to live in the happiness world. At the end of the ceremony, he also gave clothes to old people and study materials to all the children living in Flo.

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In the evening of the same day Dr. Kawasaki and Madame Kawasaki Kayoko also came from Japan and they visited and brought with fruits for the children in the FLO. They were very happy when they saw all the children are good healthy, full of smile. They also provided some advices to them to learn more and more for their bright future and help family and their country. After that they went down to see the new school construction field with us. He added that this is a big success to help children living in Ratanakiri province.

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Here below we have a movie youbube which related to our activities with Opening of school construction.

Please kindly watch it !