Since the earlier this month in every Thursday afternoon we had two native foreign English teachers (Mr. Johnnie D Page from USA (Texas) and Mrs. Louela R Page from Philippine (Negros), they both are working in BMAP in Ratanakiri Province.)  to volunteer teaching English in our school.  This is one of the special chances for all the students to practice and learn more about English pronunciation and spelling from them. During this teaching the English teacher is responsible in helping and coordinating to translate English from the foreign teachers to the students.

Below are the activities of teaching:

mr_johnnie_d_page_is_teaching_english mr_johnnie_d_page_is_teaching_english_1
mrs_louela_r_page_is_teaching_english mrs_louela_r_page_is_teaching_english_1


All the students are very please to practice English with their English Native Teachers. Even they could speak a little and not so well but it expressed what they are trying of their best.

We would like to express our special  thank to Mr. Johnnie D Page and Mrs. Louela R Page for spending this valued time to teach English to our children. The event will push our children to be willing to speak English with their teachers and friends without hesitation.