Year 2019

On Wednesday morning, November 27, 2019, Ezra Vogel Primary School held a program on understanding the learning benefits of children.

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The participants, including the school's principal, teachers, and guardian, the principal spoke as well as recounted the history of the Vogel School and the English and computer classes. Focusing on teaching and children’s learning, at the same time, he encourages all involved to work cooperatively strongly to help children's learning, functioning seamlessly.

In addition to the remarks, Mr. Sophana also gave some presentations on the activities of the school to the audience. At the end of the program, the principal thanked all participants and asked the parent, guardian for a note to record for later consideration.

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The program takes place in a very relaxed atmosphere.

On the August of 28th 2019 the kids of both Vogel school and Rainbow Kawasakischool got the teaching aids from Mr. Harry and STEPs which is a resources for help in teaching  English. And they are from making short movie film for year 2019 instead of buying the gifts for the kids directly. And those are such as  projecotor, CD player, Camera, English books...

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Finally we are the teachers and kids would like to thank you for giving the important aids for teaching our kids. Wish you with good health.

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