Year 2015

Christmas day is a day which Jesus born. As he is a great and holy man in the world,

so the people around this glob celebrate this tradition and they still keep doing it until the present day.

On 25 December 2015, Vogel school also celebrated Christmas day

. And what special for this year we have former students of our school, Vogel school,

joined us with their gifts for the teachers and kids

1- Group of former students of Vogel school

Today because of they miss the teachers and  the school where used to give them the basic knowledge, so they joined us with their gifts for the kids too.

By this chance we just know that most of them are students continueing study at the university and one got a scholarship in Thailand to be a doctor.


2- Changing gifts of students

Giving or Changing gifts is tradition of sharing that the people on this word doing, especailly to the poor.


3-Breaking eathen pots

How to play this game, first a scarf was covered on the participant’s face. She needs to walk toward three steps to the jar above her after her body rounded three times by someone.
In the jar they could put in perfume powder, candy or anything else that might make the children happy. If she could break that jar successfully, she would get the prize.


 4-Pumping the water to fill in a bottle


4-Run racing of three 


Finally we all the teachers and children wish you A Merry Christmas!

In the morning of June 15, 2015 at The Ezra Vogel school there was an event giving budget to the scholarship students. It was given to the students of grade four to six under high presidency of Mrs. Hor Narong, Vice-President of Committee of District Aids management.

The scholarship program is a program of government through district education project for providing scholarship to the families of students who have poverty cards and they are good students. The scholarship program in 2015 gave to twenty-two students, school girls 12 and each student can get thirty dollars for a year. This scholarship will help them until they finish grade nine.

This scholarship program was ended with the great time. 

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In the morning of May 22th, 2015 Dr. Kawasaki visited at Ratanakiri and he brought with some presents for kids, like books and pens. And then he spent his full morning to share his experiences about electricity to the kids, such as the advantages of electricity which using daily and how to get the electricity power through sunshine, water, wind…. After he gave the presentation, the kids practiced with Sola installation.


The teachers and students were very happy that got new knowledge and we would like thank him very much.

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On Monday moring May 11, 2015 , at Vogel school we distributed the gifts to the students who acted in the movies festival 2014. This year we had some important actors and actress joined in the movies. Each of them got a bag, dictionary, books, pens . They were very happy with a smiling to show their deeply thanks to the group of STEPS, especially to Mr. Harry that always helps and distributes both budget and things to their school every year.


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Korea International Cooperation Agency ( KOICA ) is one of the other organisations which cooperates with Cambodia government on many sections including with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports to give chance for Korean people work in Cambodia as volunteers to complete their experiences.

It helps to support to Cambodia, especially to the schools in various provinces across Cambodia.

Recently in Ratanakiri province at Vogel school we have a volunteer. Her name is Jeon Eun Mi form KOICA. She helps on education of health care and art.

After her mission was over, and by seeing that our school is old, so she and her friends from other school spent their own budget to paint school wall and draw pictures on the wall.


Finally we would like to give our thanks to KOICA, especially Miss Jeon Eun Mi who volunteered to our school.

And we hope that we will have some volunteers to continue cooperating with our school.

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Every two weekends, we show the students about the basic of repairing computer just like hardware (main tools in machine: Hard Disk, RAM(Memory), Motherboard, Power Supply, CPU, and some cables). Then teach them to put off and on of these tools and how to install some software such as: Typing, Khmer Unicode, Dictionary, Microsoft Office and LibreOffice etc.
We open this class to make them interested in learning computer. After this lesson is finished, they feel very happy.
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