Year 2012

Although Mum Phaly passed away, we still remind of her everytime. Because of this, in the afternoon of 24
December, 2012 Dr. Kawasaki with his wife arrived in Vogel school, Ratanakiri province to produce Christmas tree with the teachers and all students in order to celebrate Christmas day as well as remind to Mum Phaly' soul.

Arrival of Dr. Kawasaki1Arrival of Dr. Kawasaki2Arrival of Dr. Kawasaki3

Dr. Kawasaki and his wife spent with us full afternoon to create the light of Christmas tree. He is an active man. He taught us how to connect the light together. We worked together happily.

Dr. and Mrs.Kawasaki instruction and participators1Dr. and Mrs.Kawasaki instruction and participators3Dr. and Mrs.Kawasaki instruction and participators4Dr. and Mrs.Kawasaki instruction and participators5Dr. and Mrs.Kawasaki instruction and participators6Dr. and Mrs.Kawasaki instruction and participators Dr. and Mrs.Kawasaki instruction and participators11Dr. and Mrs.Kawasaki instruction and participators10

Finally we produced a nice Christmas tree with the light in different colors. Please look at on the tree! There we saw Mum Phaly in between of us, her old friends, Dr. and Mrs. Kawasaki and her children, Mr. Sovann, Mr. Rasy and others, especially we saw the lights and the leaves of tree that they are all representations for her children who still have a life in the present.   

Dr. and Mrs.Kawasaki instruction and participators7 Mum Phaly treeThe Christmas tree


 Jesus Christ was born in December 25, so one ceremony was celebrated to remind his birth every year , called Christmas day. During this day, the teachers and the students at The Ezra Vogel school also participated to join themselves in this celebration every year.

  Rick Dyck cardkawasaki. card  

In Cambodia the teachers need to regester the new students from September 15th to 30th,  and then in October 1st all the old and new students and teachers come for reopening of classes together for their new academic year begins. And in the Ezra Vogel primary school also celebrate this reopening of classes, too. In that day, there are many new and old students they gether together with beautiful school uniform in the Vogel school area. Some students come themself and others they come with their parents. They look so happy becouse today they meet their old and new friends especially, when they hear school bell ringing, they run to make a line surround flagpole with beautiful smiling. And all teachers of Vogel school are very please because they see many students like this.

Students registration The students are meeting suround flagpole Students parents  

 Finally, we hope that all the students will be study hard together.

The inviorment around us are very important to the human and animals and other life things in the whole world, so we have to look after it every day. But the house and schools are the same, it the places where we live and get the knowlege and the places we need to clean every day too.

At the Vogel school the students and the teachers gether to clean around the school field and also on the floor every weeks.

This weekend on 15th December, 2012 they all come with their floor mops, brooms, laundry soap, water tanks happily. They carry the tables out of the classroom before they sweep the fine dust and spread the water on the floor to clean up the dirt. They push the floor mops from side to side until it smooth.

Finally the they carry the desks in.

 Carry the desks-in Line the desks The-classroom after cleaning


Birth, old, sick and dead are things that always happen to all creature in the world, no one except.

However Mum Phaly is one of a great Cambodian Woman, a great mother and leader who we have almost ever seen for Cambodia, was passed away. She is a beloved mother to us, especially to hundreds of orphan and indigent people of
Cambodia. She always love, live with us, feed us, and give us the hope, but by this time the brilliant light is gone, our mother gone, good person gone, gone forever, never return to see us.

Mum Phaly pictureMum Phaly relativesThe Monks join Mum Phaly funeral

She is passed away and leaves hundred hopeless children living without mother. Oh my Buddha, what a pity. Hundreds of small children that they have never known what is dead, but they all cry out from their pure heart when learned that they will never see their mother agian.

Whom they will rely on from now on?

Mum Phaly got a terrible accident when she was returning to Phnom Penh from visiting the children in Flo, Ratanakiri provine. She was sent to one hospital in Bangkok, Thailand after she was cured in Phnom Penh for a few days. Unfortunately she passed away on 28th November, at 9:20 AM, and her body was sent back to FlO Phnom Penh. The funeral was celebrated for seven days from 28th November to 4th December, 2012. At that time there were thousand of participators, especially all her children who left her for their own job.    

Mum Phaly childrenMum Phaly body Matching around Mum Phaly body

 Finally even though she is passed away, but her reputation and a great many works still live in our heart forever.

 We all wish her to rebirth in a happy world, Nirvana.



The international labor day is chosen on 1st May every year, but every primary school inThe-school principal dividing student into small group

Cambodia,the teachers lead the students to clean the school and school field almost every Thursday.

While our school,Ezra Vogel school, on this Thursday the teachers and the students with their hoes, knives, reaping hooks also come for a labor in our school.

The students are divided into small groups and worked in differentThe students cleaning the grass places. Look at them! They are using their tools in their hands and someone without any, use their own hands to pluck and cut thegreen grass and burn out the rubbish simultaneously.

We will still continue to keep our country clean and good custom, culture for next generations and also the people in our country.



mrs phaly nuon giving gift


In the evening of August 20, 2012 the children of Flo in Ratanakiri got the generous gifts of Mr. Rob Lee , Australian, such as T-shirts, toys, balls, tables, chairs, blankets and mosquito nets or so, through Mrs. Phaly, Founder and Executive Director of he Future Light Orphanage, in Phnom Penh.


The children were happy very much to receive the gifts from Mrs. Phaly.


We all would like to express deeply thanks to Mr. Rob Lee, particular Mrs. Phaly who always brings us and supports all our need.



orphange and giftssovann heng choose chose t-shirt size 4 kidssay thank to rob lee australia

mrs yvonne g. valeroMrs. Yvonne G. Valero, Nursing Adviser at Ratanakiri Provincial Hospital. She is VSO volunteer from Philippines.

On August 9, 2012  she come to visit our school, she is interested in teaching and loving Cambodian children, she also decided to contribute this valuable time to be English volunteer teacher at Vogel School.

Yvonne are going to stay in Banlung for about 2 years. We do hope that she is going to enjoy her life here.

Teachers and students of Vogel school indeed appreciate her contribution to Ratanakiri province!

Great thanks Mrs. Yvonne G. Valero!


At sunrise morning of August 7th, 2012, Our students and teachers gather together at Vogel School to celebrate our custom boiled corn party to remind the construction of Vogel School, Kindness Big contribution of our great donors at Ratanakiri province.

This year the corn grew a little bit late, as the rain fall is later than ever.

However we are still happy to celebrate the party, and also is a sad moment to say good bye with grade 6 students. The party is also call a farewell party.

 Please have a look at all photos of our children, they are smiling with a happy face from the bottom of their hearts. Showing the world that they are so happy and so lucky to have a good chance to study.

 Corn party 2012 1They peel the corn

Situation of Students in July 2012

In Cambodia from July to September, all public school students have a long vocation; and during this rainy season most of students need to help their parents in the farm and field.

While the students in Ratanakiri province are the same.

Attending our English and Computer class during this long vocation,
Most of grade 6 students couldn't  come to school regularly as they need to take extra study like Math, Chemistry, Biology and so on at secondary schools. But although some of them don’t come to school daily, they all work hard with their teacher. On the other hand we always encourage all the students to come and study every day because study is the most valuable property for them.

The environment also is very important for our life; so before we study , we always collect the rubbish around the class and put it into the rubbish bin for burning out

edit entire_road_name_in_khmerStaffs of our Vogel School have been working hard to produce Google Mapmaker video tutorial in Khmer language. We spent almost 14 days to contribute 15 movies to Google Mapmaker Cambodia (GMMC), we also donated a sub-domain for GMMC

All movie introductions have 3 logos:

  1. Phnom Penh Google Technology User Group
  2. Ezra Vogel Special Skills School
  3. Rainbow-Kawasaki School

All movies have been widely share on YouTube, will benefit for all new Cambodian mapmakers.

We hope that these movies will be joint as a small part of helping to improve the quality of Google Maps in Cambodia.

GMM has been included in computer programme of ours two schools.

June 13, 2012 We are pround of Cambodia Mapmaker Forum has been officially included in (with the support of Mr. Divon Lan, Next Wave Emerging Countries, Google).


Thanks for your donor Mr. Rick Dyck, Dr. Kawasaki and Ms. Nuon Phaly Founder and Executive Director of the Future Light Orphanage.

URL to the content of GMM movie tutorial in Khmer:

visit main donorWe all in Vogel School were very pleased that Mr. Rick Dyck, Mr. and Mrs. Kawasaki spent their valued time to visit our school. All the children are very excited and stayed in two lines in front of school to welcome our main donors. Three students are handing the beautiful bunched of flowers to each donors. During the visit, our donors also came into each class to chat with the children and teachers. They seem very satisfied with the children’s learning, especially Mr. Rick Dyck (the main donor in our school) was very interested in the group of students in grade 6 because most of them, they could show him how to measure the length from one place to other place like the distance from Ratanakiri to Vietnamese border, Phnom Penh, and Laos border.

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