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All activites in the year of 2010

2010, January :

As the new year 2011 approaches, we'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued donation and supporting.
May your holiday season and the new year be filled with much joy, happiness and success.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

merry_christma_to_rick_dyck_2011 merry_christma_to_dr_kawasaki_2011
merry_christma_to_phaly_nuon_2011 merry_christma_to_phallin_chea_2011

The Ezra Vogel Special Skills School, please welcome A Very Happy Merry Christmas Celebration on December 25, 2010. This is a very special time for the Vogel Schoolchildren to take some movies and draw some pitures to welcome the Merry Christmas.

So tomorrow on Thursday, December 24, 2010 all the students will celebrate the Merry Christmas all together.

Below are the movies and Christmas Cards:

The Movies

  1. Christmas Song
  2. Jingle Bells song

The Christmas Cards:

Now the students in the Ezra Vogel Special Skills School and Rainbow Kawasaki Primary School are preparing the message and a short video clip to Nana, once of the graduation student in Miraizu School in Japan. This is such a good relationship between them.

  1. Short movie clip to Ms Nana for her graduation

On November 27, 2010 the Ezra Vogel Special Skills School coorperated with BBU University and Khmerjoomlagroup to open the training about Joomla from 8 o'clock in the morning until 5 o'clock in the evening. Joomla is once of the Website which Open Source, it's easy to create even we don't know or less knowledge of how to use HTML clearly. 

The trainers

  1. Mr. Sovann Heng (The Project Manager at The Ezra Vogel Special Skills School)
  2. Mr. Samady Lonh (Khmerjoomla group from Phnom Penh)
  3. Mr. Sovichea Sou (Khmerjoomla group from Phnom Penh)
  4.  Mr. Kunthea Thy (Trainer Assistant)

The training was about

  1. Introduction to Joomla! CMS
  2. Joomla! Installation Configuration
  3. Joomla! Basic II
  4. Managing Website with Joomla!
  5. Joomla! Basic III
  6. Understanding, Installing, Configuring Joomla! Extensions(Components, Modules, Plugins, Teamplates, Languages)

Photo Album (The training activities)

The School of Miraizu in Japan is going to have a film festival in December 2010.

The Ezra Vogel Special Skills School and the Rainbow Kawasaki School prepared 5 movies clips to joint this special event -- You can click on the below links to see and watch each movie in details:

  1. How do I learn computer hardware
  2. My attitude has been changed after entering Vogel School
  3. Sampeah Etiquette in Khmer
  4. Khmer New Year Celebration
  5. Malaria

Our school is now on the process of preparing short films to join the festival at the event of the school of Miraizu.

We started preparing the script for movie clip on 25 Oct 2010. Up to 29 Oct 2010 we finished 4 topics of movie as follow:

The above movies are base on the fact.

Need Help & Your contribution: please help us to edit the movie script. When editing please use the style (delete and add words in red). Please click on the bellow links to access those articles in google documents

After long time no use the air conditioners, since last summber. Some wires inside the tow air conditioners were cut by mice - caused timer and swing motor broken.

On Monday, October 25, 2010  We invited an mechanician of air conditioner to come and repaire. Now the two air conditioners work properly as usual.

We are planing to use non poisonous no-rat adhesive to exterminate the rats in our class room.

On 14th, October, 2010 in Ratanakiri Province celebrated the important event of cleaning up the environment or Clean Community Reflects Our Dignity. This event led by the department of Environment and controlled by the lecturers from the university and the teachers from all schools in the Province Centre and participated of the university students, high school students, scouts (boy and girl scouts) and other students from the primary school, especially our school also joined in this event too.  This event is really useful for all the people not only in Ratanakiri province but together in Cambodia and other countries to know about how to keep our environment clean and tidy all the time. It’s also the good sample of the people that they haven’t joined this event and to advise them to put the garbage into the trashcan, not in the road or anywhere untidy. As we have known, in Phnom Penh City has been performed very strictly to whoever that leave the garbage untidy everywhere have to fine 100,000 riels. So now Phnom Penh is very clean and tidy and the people will live with the comfortable health.

At the Ezra Vogel Special Skills School on 20th, September 2010 the school principle, Mr. Yem Yeng welcomed to all parents who took their children to register at the Ezra Vogel Primary School. The registration needn’t parents to pay money, so all the children even the indigenous children, disable children, and orphans they can study together. Here is the best priority to all the children who wanted to study especially to the poor children that they don’t have the opportunity as other children because of their poor family living.

On that day, there were so many of the students with both of the old academic students and the new academic students. They were really please to see their friends again. For this occasion, the school principle led the students to clean the class rooms and the environment surrounding school. From now on every school, not only the Ezra Vogel Special Skills School has to obtain and welcome to the new academic year opening  for 2010 and 2011.

The registration allow parents and students to bring:

  • For the new academic students:

  1. Family record book

  2. Children birth certificate

  • For the students who transferred from other school:

  1. The certificate from the previous school principle

  2. The school record

On 16th, September 2010, all students and teachers from the four schools (Phum Thmey, Kroum Prash, Buthong, and Ezra Vogel) in Ratanakiri Province celebrated the new academic year opening paraded along the road from one school to another school. This parade was very useful and helpful so much to the people and students in Ratanakiri province who will start their new academic study to know about the New Academic Year Opening for this 2010-2011. The parade started from Phum Thmey Primary School to Kroum Prash, Buthong and finished at Ezra Vogel Special Skills Primary School. All the students were really active in that day and some of the students walked and some of them rode their bike. Before the parade was finished, all the students they need to be together at the Ezra Vogel Special Skills School in order to take the drinking water and Cambodian Sandwich from their teachers.  

This parade was supported by the VSO (Voluntary Service Overall) in Ratanakiri province. This organization is working base on the educational field and located in Ratanakiri province.  Mrs. Lusita from Philippine is working in VSO with the position of Community Voluntary Councilor and her interpreter jointed in this parade with the teachers from the four primary schools.

the_students_are_training the_students_are_training
In August, 2010 at the Ezra Vogel, all the new academic students have chance to study for an extra study of the English course that's taught by the elder students in grade 6. There are 15 students are trained to teach the pre-level of the English to the students from kindergarten to grade 3.

Since 26 July, 2010 last month we have selected and trained to the intelligent students in grade 6 about the English teaching to the pre-level students from kindergarten to grade 3. All the students are really excited to study with their elders. We have divided the students into 3 classes and among of 15 to 20 students in each classes.

The purpose of this learning, we want all the youngest students in our school to know clearly about the basic of the English Alphabet. During teaching we have mixed with the English alphabet song because they all like singing the song and playing with the games.

pianoIn the morning of 19th July 2010, Mr. Yeng Yem, school principal brought us two big boxes. All the students were very curious, "What is it inside?" asked the students. "A piano" Mr. Yeng replied. The students were smiling and their faces showed that they do not believe that there was such a big piano.

Computer teacher named Sovann Heng with some students from grade 5 & 6 together spent about 2 hours to install the piano.

This piano distributed by Ratanakiri Provincial Department of Education Youth and Sport, which donated by BOOYOUNG CO., LTD. of Republic of Korea.

The students and teachers are very happy to receive the piano, but there isn't any music teacher in our school. Mr. Yeng told us that he might request to the Department of Education for a music teacher to teacher piano, but we don't have much hope, because it is not easy to find a a music teacher in Ratanakiri Province.

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