Year 2011

Christmas is one of the celebrations that we usually celebrate every year during December 25th. But this year is different because we just celebrated yesterday (December 22th, 2011) because 25th is the weekend and we don't have to study on that day. Christmas, as we know it today, is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, which happened over 2000 years ago. The word "Christmas" translates to "Mass Of Christ".

The Christmas Celebration yesterday started from 8 o'clock in the morning till 12: 30 at noon. During this celebration we drew some pictures, sang the Christmas song, and played some games with the students.

chab dalin who got a prize of her picture em leapny who got the prize of her picture ouk sriene who got a prize of her picture mr johnnie d page and mrs louela r page taught students how to make animal balloon students were singing the christmas song mrs louela r page taught students to sing christmas song

After one hour that the students spent time to draw their picture, we celected the three pictures in among of ten pictures to get the prize because their picture is better than other. The students who got the prize of their picture named: Chab Dalin - Em Leapny - Ouk Sreine.

The students have to sing the Christmas song and paly some games with our Native Vulenteer teachers, Mr. Johnnie D Page and Mrs. Louela R Page.

It's a wonderful day of Christmas celebration in that day, we would love to wish you all a very happy Merry Christmas.


After developing and repairing, our school tables have become computer tables,

Mr. Sovann and Kounthea developing & repairing tablesSchool tables have become computer tables

On Thursday, November 24, 2011 was the second time that our school participated in cleaning up the garbage surrounding Banlung City.

Since the earlier this month in every Thursday afternoon we had two native foreign English teachers (Mr. Johnnie D Page from USA (Texas) and Mrs. Louela R Page from Philippine (Negros), they both are working in BMAP in Ratanakiri Province.)  to volunteer teaching English in our school.  This is one of the special chances for all the students to practice and learn more about English pronunciation and spelling from them. During this teaching the English teacher is responsible in helping and coordinating to translate English from the foreign teachers to the students.

Since October 01, 2011 till today, there have been many new students to enroll at the Ezra Vogel Special Skills School. The other former students came early in the morning to clean their classes and school yard. They looked very happy when they saw their friends. The school principle Mr. Yem Yeng and the other teachers are responsible for the student enrollment. Every year for publish school enrollment  not allows students to pay money for their enrollment, otherwise their parents just bring the family record book and children birth certificate to confirm the teachers. We saw that all the teachers are very busy to arrange and rank the students in each class from kindergarten to grade 6 even the English and Computer class.


From 08th to 14th September, 2011 we conducted the Joomla Training Course in FLO (FUTURE LIGHT ORPHANAGE) for one week which proposed by Mr. Sovann Heng(Joomla trainer) and corporated with the Khmer Joomla Group in Phnom Penh. During this training we got the warm welcome from Mrs. Nuon Phaly (Executive Director in FLO).

the_breaver_student_is_reading_the_alphabetsOur school is now in the long vacation. This year is the second time that  we have prepared the Extra English Course during the long (summer) vacation (two months of period). All the students, they were freely to register to study from all grades and other younger kids from other schools are also welcome and allow to register to study, especially for the students and children who are still poor in English learning.

We selected three smart and top students from grade 6 and who are studying the Elementary course in our school to teach English for this English long vacation course. With this teaching they will get an experience of teaching English.

We arranged the students into three classes because we don't have enough classes for them to study. The amount of the students in each class, we have 19 or 20 students. All the students, they have class in the morning from 8:30 AM to 10:00 AM because the three students that we selected to be teachers, they are busy to study mathematics from 7:00 AM to 8:30 AM (Mat pre-study for grade 7).

This year we had 58 students registered as in the detail table below:

School Name Students
Ezra Vogel Special Skills School 47
Samdach Ov Samdach Me High School 01
Laban Siek Secondary School 10

Today, 19th July 2011, we had a sweet boiled corn party as our annual school culture.

Students and teachers are enjoy this party very much, but we won't forget that the long vocation is coming soon in a week later -- it's time to say good-bye for great 6 students. We wish they all are good luck!

Please have a look some photos as follow:

After two times broke in and stole computers and other equipments (laser printer, scanner, air browser, ADSL modem...) from our Ezra Vogel school in 21st Sept 2010 and 04stJune 2011, we completely lost confidence on the security of the school

We more or less disappointed Mrs. Nuon Phaly Founder and Executive Director of the Future Light Orphanage and our main donor Mr. Rick Dyck, but they both not only did not put any blame on us but also have been giving us an encouragement to fight for the future of the students and poor kids in Ratanakiri province.

Mr. Rick Dyck agreed with us to move the computer class from Vogel School to FLO Ratanakiri branch where is also near by the school. The former computer room became English room while the former English room was left space for 5 or 6 Khmer grade (Khmer grade 5 and 6 were in the same room).

On 6th July 2011, Mr. Phannarin Keo and Mr. Bora Chan, were representative of Mrs. Phaly, brought us 10 PC, this remind us of a Chinese proverb says "Offer fuel in snowy weather -- offer timely help or support ".


Since June 27, 2011 we have prepared the room for the computer class in FLOW branch in Ratanakiri. All the students from FLOW branch and Vogel school were very much helpful to prepare this room. They helped to paint the steel window bars, make the eletrical system inside and outside the computer class, and move the computers and anything from Vogel School the new computer class. During this preparing Mr. Sovann Heng, Mr. Mao, Mr. Nich Ukim, Mr. Kunthea, and Mr. Ratanak were really active to coordinate for this preparing. Mr. Moa, he is a very good construction worker in FLOW branch. He could make the steel window bars and insert them into the windows hole very well.

On July 03, 2011 we allowed the students to study in this new computer class. Even this room is small but it's very comfortable and secure. All the students were really happy to have a great chance again to study the computer in the nice place of this new computer class.

Below is the photo album of the new computer class:

At the Ezra Vogel Special Skills School today (06-05-2011) was very please that Dr. Kawasaki and Madame Kayoko spent their valuable time to visit and taught us about how to measure voltage of the electricity by using the voltmeter. Measuring the voltage of the electricity is very important for us because we can know how much we used the electricity for our computer. By the way, it's also necessary for our lifestyle by using this electricity which we can measure TV, Light, and other equipments.

During this visit, Dr. Kawasaki and Madame Kayoko also brought us some good books and pens for our students. Mr. Yem Yeng the school principle is responsible for obtaining the books and pens from Dr. Kawasaki and Madame Kayoko. These books and pens are very helpful and satisfied for our students' need which they can use them for their study.

Mr. Yem Yeng the school principle, On behalf of staffs and schoolchildrenhe, would love to show our deep thank to Dr. Kawasaki and Madame Kayoko for spending their valuable time to visit our school, especially with his great and useful science class of the electricity and also the nice gift of books and pens.

We would love to wish you good luck, good health, and happiness all the time."

Below is the photo album

All the students at the Ezra Vogel Special Skills School, they had 22 days during this month for their short vacation and also took the time to join the Khmer New Year too. Khmer New Year is once of the Cambodia Traditional Celebrations which people usually do in April every year. Today all the students, they just came back to their school to meet their friends and clean their school too.

  • After the Khmer New Year all the students were really please with this celebration and they said:

Naiiv Sek

I am very happy to join the Khmer New Year for these three days. Especially in the second day, I and my family had a good time to go for awalk together.

Saveun Chea

During the Khmer New Year Celebration for three days, the first day I visited Yake Loam Lake, the second day I visted Oyadav District, and the third day in the evening I went together with my family to eat something at Konseng Lake (Lake side). It's my happest day that I've ever had.

Sophealen Seng

In the first day, I and my family prepared food, drink, and some flowers to the pagoda to offer the monk to dedicate this food to my ancestors. In the second day, I still went to the pagoda to play the traditionaly game such as: Chol Chhoung, Bos Angkunh, Leak Kanseng, and so on. It's my really happy day.

Siha Khem

For me, Khmer New Year is the most happest celebration, I went to Yake Loam and Kirimokut Resort in the first and sencond day with my familly. Especially in the third day, I just did the fishing very happily.

  • All something they have said above mean that Khmer New Year is completely happy for all the Cambodian people. They are happy both themselve and with their family.

Bellow are the photos of the students were coming back to school:

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